Elgin Thwaites

(she / they)

Elgin Thwaites is a graduating BA Hons Fine Artist who is based in Suffolk. They have exhibited work across Suffolk and in London, and is currently showing works in The Waiting Place exhibition with The ArtStation and virtually in FLUX with the YAIS collective. Thwaites’ practice has progressed over their time at University from immersive installations to now using to their advantage architectural space to create abstract site-specific paintings. Thwaites also uses film in a similar way, interacting with places to leave behind marks that will eventually fade with time.

Thwaites’ abstract painting works are based on chance, where they react to the space, making initial marks with silk paints and chalks and responds to them using heavier layers of watercolour, acrylic and mark making. Thwaites uses her body to interact with her environment as a mark making tool, leaving behind ethereal traces of movement within the space.