Ella Lockwood

Ella Lockwood’s practice integrates themes within feminism, nudity and the control women have over their body, while further exploring the glamorisation of sexual objectification of the female form, which is primarily dominant within the cinema, the kitchen and the everyday. Lockwood does this by creating small sculptures of breasts, through clay and icing, to represent the sexualisation, idealisation and depersonalisation of women, that comes with the gaze of the male as well as the objectification of the female form that naturally follows. This is captured through sculptural performance, film, projection and 3D like installations which exaggerates the portray of the female form as food for consumption, a desirable object that has been accentuated by the male gaze through the media and the cinema.

Sound on: Moving in and around To Bite B&W Repeat in the studio

This film is documentation of the installation as an installed piece for a better understanding of the 3D quality the work has among the cellophane. This explores the space and the work while capturing movement and detail as the film on the right grows in and out of focus, playing with distortion and perception.

Only Touch With CLEAN Hands

This film experiments with performance, repetition and the making of work during the height of COVID with thoughts of cleanliness and looking but not being able to touch. Using the breast sculptures, it explores the sexual objectification through the aggressive physical handling, disregarding and dropping of the clay breasts.