A grid of 12 images featuring single use disposable masks

Gabriela Balounová

In this project, I deal with a phenomenon called Cymatics. It is a field that studies the relationship between matter and sound. In the 18th century, Ernst Chladni proved that sound acts on physical matter and can create geometric shapes. This discovery was also related to the fact that sound is formed from waves. Nikola Tesla has already said that everything in the Universe vibrates at a particular frequency.

I chose to demonstrate Cymatics with Tibetian Singing Bowls. These bowls are associated with Buddhism and the positive effect on man. They are mainly used for meditation and healing with sound and vibration. When we fill these bowls with water and start playing on them, we can watch what Cymatics is. This beautiful moment when the sound rearranges the water molecules into different shapes and figures I captured in my photographs.