Katerina McKechnie

In my practice, I embrace the synthesis between natural environment and architecture where they develop hand in hand and support each other. I believe that we must uphold key values of sustainability and ethical practice from the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the things we consume, making sure these are ethically sourced and low in carbon footprint in their production. My practice will be dedicated to innovation and research to promote these values and to produce architecture that improves the environment with the least detrimental impact.

My thesis project, Urban Permaculture Farm, is a proposal that rethinks food through Architecture. It is an urban permaculture community farm situated within the town of Ipswich to facilitate highly sustainable ways of growing and consuming food. The farm contains pavilions using solar energy and collection of water. All pavilions, including kitchen, café, and educational facilities, are connected with a walkaway creating routes for overlooking the site all set within wildlife meadow of edible plants.