Kieran Wilson

Kieran Wilson’s work over the past three years has examined and explored the theme of memory. In particular, this year his work has closely reviewed the way that we as a society use archival documents, such as old family photographs and letters, as an aid to memory. Inspired by the works of Gerhard Richter and Aby Warburg (who both created works using found archival imagery), and the writings of Roland Barthes and Siegfried Kracauer, Wilson has endeavoured to create artworks which both sit alongside these artists’ and critics’ work, but also challenges their beliefs and tests them against the standards of the 21st Century. Wilson’s latest piece, A Tangible Memory (2021), is a culmination of the past three year’s research and exploration and aims to touch upon many of the themes suggested by Kracauer, Barthes, Warburg, and Richter.