Olivia Fellows

I am passionate about how Architecture creates dialogues with humans in the built environment. Studying feminist approaches and the work of Rosi Bradotti, Judith Bulter and Helene Frichot, alongside critical practice by Philippe Rahm and Tomas Saraceno has shaped my final thesis and professional positioning. Considering theories on the cyborg, abject and dirt, Vertical Folly aims to accommodate the untouched in the city of Ipswich. It aims to draw people to the terrain vague, the other, places that we disregard, to bring new life to these locations and use them as a connection between the waterfront and the town centre.

Vertical Folly is a temporary installation that occurs post covid-19 pandemic to bring the community back together through activity, work, rest, play. Sitauted paracitically on the facades of the docks along Ipswich waterfront the site adaptive installation is erected throughout the allies in our cities. The scaffolding structure is ’edited’ to allow activity to occur via three agents: infrastructure (energy), mobility (vertical/horizontal access) and activity (furniture/fabric).