Vanessa Sandri

I believe that Architecture is life. It has the capacity to shape people’s everyday rhythms and habits manifested as events in the built environment. Architects have the possibility to create habitable spaces that can improve everyone’s wellbeing. This is the type of architecture that I am mostly interested in; an architecture that creates better modes of life for everyone, people, and animals alike. The built and natural environments we inhabit constantly disconnect and reconnect themselves with human/non-human beings through their affective qualities. My final thesis project aims to bring people together by enhancing the local production of food and goods in Ipswich. Sitated in “the island” of Ispwich docks it explores architectural possibilities through conceptual models of thought and action. Paul Virilio’s “diagonal space” becomes the basis for a food market, contemplation areas and recreational public space to emerge in between existinc fabrics and new virtualities.